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Hi! I'm Pierre de Vésian, a Consulting Problem Solver based in Paris, France.

My current main focus is on selling, customizing and installing GLPI - a free asset and IT management software package that provides ITIL service desk features, licenses tracking and software auditing.
I also audit Instagram accounts to enhance business growth and customer interaction.

Addionaly I am able to help you during the three key steps of a project:

To give you a more detailed idea, here are some things that I can do for you:

About my skills and how I can use them to help you

Language skills

I am fluent in French, German, Spanish and soon in English.

Tech skills

Some skills to help you with your website

  • HTML5 & APIs, CSS3 & SASS
  • JavaScript & libraries (jQuery for example)
  • Object Oriented PHP and Node.js
  • SQL databases

Some skills to help you with your software

  • Node-Webkit (nw.js)
  • Perl
  • SQL databases

Phonegap to help you with your mobile app

  • It uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL
  • Works on: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, ...
  • One single codebase instead of multiple ones

Some more generalized skills

  • Unit testing
  • Versioning (Git, SVN)
  • GNU/Linux

About some of my products and achievements

In order to know more about a project hover its image.

Twitter Email Test is an OSINT tool that tests if an email address is used for a Twitter account.
LearnMyLanguage.net (now Speekoo.com) is a website that teaches new languages in a way that lets you get by in any language with around 5 hours of work.
Instead of learning grammar and boring definitions LearnMyLanguage teaches by context, which is by my own experience the most effective way to quickly learn a language.
With the launch of this site I helped the owner share his vision of teaching and learning languages.
I sometimes write small investigative pieces, go check it out!

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